I fell at the swim meet today and Anton caught me and I literally screamed at him to get off me. Then after dinner the whole team was hanging out and everyone was heading back to their rooms and Anton said, “you’re not allowed to hang out with me today” Seriouslly!!!! Why the fuck would I want to hang out alone with you in a small room after last night??? Why would I want to be anywhere near you?? Even siting next to you on the bleachers with our knees touching b/c The lack of room makes my skin crawl. I really hate him




"Rape Joke" 

Our alumni is currently a finalist in Brave New Voices 2014. We are honored to have been part of such an amazing young woman’s journey. Rhiannon is now tackling social justice issues and we couldn’t be more proud.

this needs 1,000,000,000,000 notes

spread this like wildfire

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Go play a bisexual coming out simulation and game

A touching, comical, beautiful, and honest portrayal of coming out. It’s also a game created by/telling the story of a real bisexual man which is amazing

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Steve Rogers isn’t a hero because he’s Captain America

Captain America is a hero because he’s Steve Rogers

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You would think that Andrew Jackson was giving you his undivided attention, and then you would glance over and notice that he had devoted the last several minutes to making a laborious sketch of an alligator.

“Mr. President!” you would gasp, indignantly.

“I have a bullet lodged inside my body,” he would say. “From killing a man in a duel. A better man than you.” He would resume drawing the alligator.

You know what? Fuck that. I did tell him to stop a few times and I shouldn’t have had to he knows I’m with nico. He knows that when he does this shit it makes me uncomfortable. He knows I hate confrontation and wouldn’t want to say anything fuckthis. Fuck him. He’s the one who should’ve known better, not me. I just wanted to not have to sit in my room by myself for awhil. I just wanted to watched the science channel and talk about science more. Fuck him

So after the team dinner tonight Anton and I hung out in his room saying wed watch something about science cuz we were talking about it earlier. It was fine for awhile (door propped open, sitting on different beds) until he pretend to almost kiss me when I closed my eyes. Later he ended up siting on the same bed as me really close under the guise of responding to a snapchat with me which would’ve been ok except e kept touching my head or putting his legs against mine or resting his on mine. He even put his arm around me once and tapped my ass!!!! I shouldn’t have gone into his room. He always does this. I know better. How could I have been so naive. I feel gross. I should’ve punched him. I should’ve said something more. I should’ve just left. Gaaaaahhh tomorrow’s gonna be awkward as hell


Pawel Kuczynski’s satirical art. Take a moment to look at these properly.

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My dad just said: at your age you’ll probably wanna try a lot of things. Boys, girls, being a girl, being a boy, being punk or goth or spunky. And im okay with that. As long as you don’t come home and tell me youre a republican

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My second crack at the Art Assignment is a piece of crochet for the recent assignment #11: Under the Influence.

I’m not much of a painter so I decided (after finally finding my crochet hooks having moved house earlier this month) to take my inspiration from the colours used as well as the image itself rather than from the materials used.

The painting is San Giorgio Maggiore by Claude Monet, and it’s quite possibly my favorite piece of art at the Welsh National Museum in Cardiff so upon receiving the new assignment I decided to put some odds and ends of yarn I already had (hence the introduction of a bit more green than Monet used) together and made something small that in some small way resembles the original.

It was really nice to just sit and crochet again as I haven’t done so in a while, the addition of chocolate, friends and Buffy the Vampire Slayer to keep me company also made the process that bit more enjoyable too.

Love the translation to a different medium.

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Imagine drunk Ravenclaws trying to invent things

"No but imagine a machine that makes your toast or maybe waffles warm and crispy!" "There already is something like that, it’s called a toaster and some muggle invented it I think?" "Seriously?? Wow..okay but imagine animals bringing letters and stuff! No wait..we already have that too dammit.."

Ravenclaws trying to invent things that already exist in the muggle world oh my gosh

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